You must have an amazing and beautiful soul to have faith enough to trust that you will find the right parents for the baby growing inside of you.

We know this is not an easy decision.

Hopefully, by sharing a little about our lives and "why" we want to adopt, we can help make it easier for you. 

We hope to meet you soon.

Robyn & Trevor Crane
A Message To You
We lost one of our babies.
But maybe that means we were meant to meet you.
Robyn's Birthday Video
This includes some of the fun things we do together as a family.
Kitty Wars Movie
We added this here because our daughter believes in magic. 
She made this movie when she was 8-years-old. 
Moxie Video
This wouldn’t be complete without including our little dog—and her tricks.
A Note From Phoenix To You


We are a loving family that will take care of your daughter AWESOMELY

We will love her soooo much. 

I think my family will be a wonderful place for the baby to grow fom a seed into a beautiful fower. 

Some Of Phoenix's Books
These are the first two books Phoenix published. 
Three little kitties get separated from each other and grow up raised by mice. 
They learn super ninja skills which are put to the test when they are reunited and face the biggest threat of their lives, a super-villain dog.
The 3 Ninja Kitties meet Luke Skykitty and join forces to save Han Solo-cat and Princes Leia-pard from Jabba The Mutt, Dog Vader and an army of Imperial Dogtroopers. Using the force, lightsabers, and their super-ninja skills, the 3 Ninja Kitties save the day. 
A Final Note:
WE'RE VERY EXCITED... about the possibility of giving the baby inside of you a wonderful life.

It’s equally important to us that you are able to have the amazing life that you want and deserve.

What we can promise you is this: 
We will love our new baby unconditionally
We believe she is meant to be in our family. 
We will give her an amazing life.

She will have the opportunity to step into the person she is meant to be. 
She will be accepted and loved for who she is.

We wanted to show you an honest look into our family and how we plan to raise our children.

If you feel in your heart that we are the right fit, we hope you to feel confdent about your choice.

We look forward to helping you make this transition.

Looking forward to meeting you,

—Robyn & Trevor
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